Falling for Scams: The Lucky Cola Online Threat

Game Overview: The player takes on the role of Alex, who starts receiving emails and casino online ads for “Lucky Cola“, a new online gambling site that promises huge jackpot winnings. The game teaches players how to recognize telltale signs of scams and make wise choices to avoid being duped.


  • Alex starts noticing Lucky Cola ads on social media and gets an email claiming he has won a free entry into their $1 million jackpot drawing. Players must identify red flags like too-good-to-be-true offers and pressure to act fast.
  • Alex enters his credit card on the Lucky Cola site to claim his free prize entry. Players must spot deceptive site design like lack of contact info and certifications.
  • Alex keeps getting emails pushing him to deposit money to improve his odds of winning. Players learn to recognize manipulative marketing tactics that play on people’s psychology.
  • Alex’s friend Zoe does some research and reveals that Lucky Cola looks like a scam meant to steal people’s money. Players see how to verify real odds of winning and research companies.
  • Alex wisely decides not to deposit any money or share more personal information with Lucky Cola. He reports the scam to authorities. Players learn about safely taking action when duped.

The game uses interactive elements and a compelling storyline to engage players and teach them to make smart decisions online and avoid falling for scams. Let me know if you would like me to expand on any part of the game outline.

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